Aggregating the Metaverse


Diamonds are made under pressure. For the past months, the Gem team has been working in silence and with a lot of focus and passion. We’re now incredibly proud to present you: – the best-in-class NFT Aggregator.

The year 2021 was one to silence the skeptic and embrace the innovation at the intersection of technology, finance, culture, and community that NFTs brought. OpenSea has been leading the way, carrying the fast-growing demand for the space on its shoulders. Its immense success sparked a sense of opportunity and competition in many talented individuals and companies, leading to the birth of fundamental innovations in infrastructure and increasing competition in the marketplace space.

At Gem, we believe in a decentralized and open future for the internet of value and goods – the Metaverse. That’s why we are building a single interface that encompasses deals and data from across all relevant NFT marketplaces and products. We are working towards the democratization of information and opportunities for all NFT enthusiasts by leveraging interoperability and composability.


Explore and collect NFTs across all Marketplaces

Gem had its humble beginnings as a diamond in the rough known as the Cross-Asset-Swap back in early 2021. Since then, our team of builders, tinkerers, and entrepreneurs have been polishing the product to a more mature and delightful experience.

  • 🔎 Find the best deals across exchanges like OpenSea, Rarible, Larva Labs, NFTX, and NFT20. Our goal is to aggregate every NFT marketplace, starting with ones on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • 🛒 Buy multiple NFTs in a single transaction by adding them to your Web 3 shopping cart.
  • 🤑 Spend your tokens on NFTs - not gas. Gem provides you up to 39% gas savings compared to buying on your favorite NFT marketplaces directly!
  • 🔀 Pay with any token. On Gem, you can pay with any (or multiple!) ERC20 tokens you own.
  • 📈 Find all NFT analytics in one place. For each collection, we provide the sales volume, floor price, live sales & minting activity, top holders & distribution, top buyers/sellers, and more...

And this is just our first iteration. At Gem, our early community is already steering the road map by giving product feedback, requesting features, and reporting bugs. We’re achieving early product-community fit by listening closely and joining the conversation. (Thank you, @Gemesis!)

The NFT Price Leader

Gem offers its users access to the largest supply of digital goods by aggregating multiple marketplaces. At the same time, users enjoy up to 39% cheaper gas fees by using Gem, compared to buying on the marketplaces directly. Gas savings increase for each additional item one buys using our shopping cart. We achieve these numbers by optimizing our smart contracts in Yul, a low-level programming language for Ethereum.

Our innovations are pushing the space forward, making NFTs accessible to more people – block by block.

Join the Gem Community

Our community will play a key role in the success of the Gem ecosystem. We are looking for ways to increasingly involve collectors, enthusiasts, creators, protocols and other stakeholders into shaping the product and participating in the future of the network.

👇 That’s why we’re calling everyone to join our Discord and say gm!

Oh, by the way: the first 25,000 people will be recruited as @Gemologists ⛏️ and will always receive alpha first in the future.


Gem Team

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